So the wonderful Mary seems to have figured out what’s been bothering Nathan. He has an awful awful cut / sore on the inside of his cheek. It looks like it’s been bleeding, and he’s been swallowing the blood.

Poor baby. All this time I kept thinking it was something to do with his back or neck, and it was his mouth all along. I feel so bad for him.

Hopefully the doctor can prescribe something that will help it heal.

Other than that, he seems to be doing so much better, his neck is not as tight in general and he has been much happier and more calm.

Phew, I sure am glad for this whole thing to be coming to an end. But in the meantime, I booked myself a ticket to Catalina Island for Sunday and Monday night. I need a break!


  1. I hate that. The whole guessing game of whats wrong. Last week I could have sworn Emily had a UTI. She had just a fever, no coughing, no runny nose. I took her urine to get checked and it came back neg. for a UTI. She was lifting her left leg, which she does when she has a UTI. It turned out to just be a virus. Thats the one thing I really pray and wish for is her to be able to speak somehow just to tell me whats bothering her and where it hurts.

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