Special Needs Equipment

Below is a list of special needs equipment that we have used to help Nathan enjoy life to the max and help him access as much of the world as he possibly can. If you have any questions about any of the equipment listed below, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment!

Dynavox Vmax with Eyemax

Daessy wheelchair mount

Ormessa Bug Stroller Wheelchair

Full Support Swing

(I don’t have a pic of Nathan in it yet, so here’s one from their site:)

Swim Collar LJ-A

Freedom Concepts Chill out Chair

Freedom Concepts Adaptive Tricycle Discovery Series

Prime Engineering Kidwalk

Baby Bjorn Carrier

Pony Gait Trainer

Massage Table for his Home CME Medek program

Active Hands Gloves

Brookstone Massaging Wrap

Recaro ProSport Car Seat

Britax Traveller Plus special needs car seat

Balance platform

Lite Gait and T-zone vibrating platform

Recaro Car Seat and Corner Chair & Tray

Cascade DAFO’s with Insert Boots

Hart Walker

Tri Stander

Baby Jogger City Elite Double Stroller

Merry Muscles Jumper

Grandma’s babies special needs seat

Wingbo Tummy time swing


Childrite special needs bumbo

Swim collar from Danmar

Creepster Crawler

Rifton Bath Chair




  1. How do you like the kidwalk? Is it easy for Nathan to get it to move? PT is working on getting one for Junior and we need something that can move very easily.

  2. Marce, thank you for the list, it helps me to realize what we could still buy in the US. 🙂

  3. BOY you have a ton of equipment! I’m curious to know which walker is your favorite.

  4. Thank you for posting this wonderful resource.

  5. Have you considered conductive education? http://Www.conductivelearningcenter.org
    Also if you are interested in custom arm or leg splints for your child, sandbags for positioning or other custom sewing, check me out at

  6. Israel says

    Invaluable resource, thank you so much for this

  7. thanks for sharing, are these equipment generally covered by insurance?

  8. Pamela says

    Yes, thank you for posting this list! You have so much equipment.

    I’m also curious about which walker worked better. I’m interested in the Lite Gait. Wondering what the cost is and how it worked.

    What are the DAFO boot inserts for? I’ve never heard of them before.

    Thank you again for posting this!

  9. Hi! This is very useful. I emailed you about a year ago. My son has the same case as Nathan.

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