So far that’s the only diagnosis anyone’s offered – SSV – Some Stupid Virus. All of the test results have come back relatively normal, so the doctors are thinking that the virus also affects the stomach, as well as the upper respiratory system.

What got Nathan into trouble this time is that he hasn’t been able to hold down fluids. So the main fear at this point is dehydration.

They are giving him IV fluids, watching to see if anything else develops, and making sure he is well enough to hold down at least fluids before we go home. I am happy with this plan as I was really really worried about him – I’ve never seen him act so sick. Ever. Even when he had meningitis. I think the combination of dehydration, flu-like symptoms, lack of nutrition, and lack of adequate sleep has been playing a number on him.

We will probably be here until tomorrow. For once I am not eager to rush home – I want to make sure he is well before we take him home.

Seeing him this way has sure made me appreciate my Nathan even more than ever. Right now he is pretty unresponsive – won’t laugh at the usual jokes, won’t smile, he’s not even interested in his movies! I miss my smart, dynamic, funny little boy, and can’t wait for him to feel better so he can go back to his usual self.

Thank you for all the prayers, they are helping him so much! Keep them coming please!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!


  1. We’re keeping you all in mind! Wishing Nathan a speedy recovery! Love and hugs!

  2. will continue to pray. not sure about the heartbeat – i have no experience with that so i’ll just continue to pray.

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