Standing and playing

Another very cool thing about his walkers – Nathan can now stand up and play with toys. Of course he can also sit and play but I think it’s important for him to experience the world from different angles.

Here are some pictures of him today in therapy and playing with a toy and a book.

His new name: RoboNate. At this rate we are going to have to make him a robotic shell. Oh if only robocop were real. I’m keeping an eye out on advancements in robotics. Maybe in his lifetime?


  1. Hi! Happy holidays. I totally agree with you, it is great for our kids to see the world from different angles. He looks great in therapy!

  2. Administrator says

    Thanks Ellen! Hope you’re having a blast on your vacation. We’re having a quiet time so far. I think he needs more support when he’s in that walker so we’re gonna work on that, we’ll see the orthotist in a couple of weeks. I wish I could make him a full body cast but the orthotist says the more we support the less he gains strength. Always a balance isn’t it!

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