Standing by the fountain

Nathan LOVES this fountain:

And some cute pics of our afternoon:


  1. Marcela he looks wonderful standing!!! God bless this little man of yours! And you mommy! without all your hard work and love where would he be:)

  2. How Cute. Cody was standing like that last night at the couch. I totally get how awesome it is seeing them upright. If only for awhile.

    Laura G
    mom to Cody 22 mths w/ TSC & Ethan 3.5 w/o

  3. Wow! He is such a big boy!
    He looks fantastic!

  4. Marcela, He looks amazing. You being with him each day you probably don’t see the improvement as much as us on the outside who haven’t seen him in awhile. This journey was definetely worth it.

  5. Mire el video de la fuente muchas veces. Dios mio….creo que has oido las oraciones!!!!!!!Que muchacho tan bello!

  6. OMG, Marcela! Look at him. He looks WONDERFUL!!!!! WooHoo Nathan!!! Go, Go Go!

    By having Timmy to stand like this at EVERY opportunity, is who we got him to where he is today.

    Keep up with the hard work, persistance and most definately try to have patience. And you too will soon see a BIG difference in Nathan’s development too.

  7. Veronica - Lorenzo's Nana says

    Yeah Nathan! Yeah Marcela!

  8. OMG! Can you believe him standing by the fountain?????????????? i can!!!!!

    And as far as confession Frid. goes – chris and I went to a nudie beach in St. marteen and bared it all for the whole island to see!!!!!!!


  9. Fantastico, maravilloso, Nathan, vamos que se puede lograr todo, todo. Sigue así mi niñito, sigue así, te quiero mucho mi niñito.

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