Stem Cells

Since my post a few days ago about my conversation with Kirshner, much has happened. I’ve had several conversations with many people about stem cells and I am finding some contradictions.

She told me that after 3, the blood brain barrier is too thick and that kids won’t receive much benefit. But I remember having met and seen with my own eyes kids that did gain tremendous benefit from Dr. Rader’s stem cells, kids older than 3. And none of them had lumbar punctures. I personally have met kids who gained head control after a stem cell treatment, a child who stopped having seizures, and a few other kids who made gains in various areas. So I am not so sure how applicable this theory is. If I hadn’t met and talked to these families, it would be one thing, but I did meet and see with my own eyes kids that improved with Dr. Rader’s stem cells.

As a result of my questioning I ended up speaking with Dr. Rader who answered a lot of my questions. And in the process I learned that he opened a new clinic in Tijuana. And coincidentally I learned that there is a treatment happening this weekend. So guess what?

We’re going to Tijuana this weekend for Stem Cells! Wohoo! And while we’re down south, how can we skip SeaWorld?

I had a secret desire to do stem cells again before going to Chile for Medek…hmmm..imagine those cells potentizing Ramon’s work! And it’s going to happen! WOHOOO!

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