Stem Cells, here we come

So, after much deliberation, we’ve made the decision – we’re taking Nathan for Stem Cell therapy next week in the Dominican Republic.

We are hopeful, nervous, excited, apprehensive. But in the end, we decided, it’s a risk free, painless treatment that offers the potential to help him. So we’re gonna do it.

We leave Thursday morning, land in DR in the evening, go to the clinic on Friday for an IV shot of the stem cells, grab a flight Saturday morning, back home Saturday night.

Then we can rest and catch up on Monday, and then Nathan starts intensive therapy at NAPA on Monday morning.

Please keep us in your prayers, this is a scary and very active time for us.


  1. Hey. I will definitely be praying for your safety!!

    I watched a show the other day and they were interviewing a couple who’s son has cerebral palsy. The couple just so happened to bank the umbilical cord blood, and decided after several years of therapies, and things to try the banked cord blood, and he is now walking and talking!!! What an amazing miracle from God, right? There is Hope! God is watching over you all.

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