Still here

Nathan got admitted to the hospital. We will be here at least until tomorrow. He’s had a really rough day. No definitive diagnosis yet. Thanks so much for all the prayers!


  1. i’m so sorry.
    poor sweet baby.
    Please keep us posted, and I will keep praying for a quick recovery.
    love you – Whit

  2. Sorry to hear that Nathan had to be admitted to the hospital. Hope our Cutie Pie gets better very soon.

    ((((HUGS)))) and Prayers coming your way.


  3. sorry to hear this mars, God Bless him he will get well soon

  4. We got the reading of our 3.5 yr old sons MRI yesterday and it was NOT what we wanted to hear. I was in tears and Googled a ‘normal’ MRI brain so I could compair and I found your site. I read almost every post you’ve made from the start and it’s been SO helpful for me. We live in in CA also and have gone to some of the places you have for consults… God be with you as you move along on your journey. Hugs from Irvine. Deanna and Alex

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