Still in Toronto

We decided to stay another week in Toronto so Nathan could have more time with Esther. We are all so happy with his progress that we figured it would be ideal if we kept going. The Ives kindly offered to host us for another week and Esther was able to clear up a couple of appointments so Nathan could see her at least once, possibly twice a day this week.

Owen went home to look after the doggies and to get back to work, while Nathan and I stayed here. Mary, Nathan’s nurse, is flying out and should be arriving tonight. Once again, it’s amazing how everything worked out to give Nathan this opportunity to continue to strengthen his body.

Today was my first day trying the exercises. I started to do them but realized I just wasn’t prepared enough. Esther makes it look so easy but in reality it’s quite hard and how you position your body determines the success of the exercise. So I spent most of afternoon and evening going through all of the videos to learn how she does the exercises. I wrote out instructions and captured still shots (from the videos) of each of the exercises as she went through the sequence. Tommorrow I’m going to take them to an office depot and get it printed and in a folder/binder so we can have them handy as we’re doing the exercises.

I am so excited to start doing them! Having gone over and over them today I feel pretty confident that when I start with him tomorrow morning, my technique will be at least adequate.

It’s been such an emotional week, I have been laying in bed at nights just floating in gratitude, grateful to have found Ester, grateful for the Ives for telling us about her, grateful for everything they’re doing to help us with this program, grateful that after all these years and so much searching we’ve at last found the right program for Nathan, grateful that our jobs are flexible so we can work from anywhere! Grateful that Nathan enjoys the exercises and wants to become stronger. Grateful that Ester was able to see us and that she is as kind and honest and strong as she is. Grateful that my prayers were finally heard. Grateful that Nathan’s been super happy through this whole journey.

And for those of you wondering if I will stick to this? You bet we will!

I’ll try to post a couple of videos as the week progresses.


  1. Hey Marcela,
    I’m so happy for you that things are going so well.
    Is Medek done only in Canada?
    Can you please ask if there is any one in Australia that does it and if it could be sucessful with lissencephaly?
    Any info would be great.
    Have a great week and hugs to Nathan

  2. Awesome!!
    I’ll be calling Esther tomorrow to see when is the soonest she can see Suzy. It it’s not for a while, then I found a clinic in New York with a man (named Jonathan Orgel MS,PT) who was trained by the inventor of MEDEK (Ramon Cuevas)! Maybe he can fit us in earlier. I am impatient to get started!!!!!
    Could you make me a copy of that binder? I imagine I will be trained in the same exercises.?
    Suzy looks so much like Nathan does in the videos (same postures and abilities).
    Hooray to you for finding this for us.

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