Stream of consciousness

This week I’ve been out of ideas of what to write. I’ve wanted to write something interesting but nothing comes to mind. Everything I want to write – cord blood banking, rolling, plus a few more… require research and time to write. And time is something I just don’t have. The little bit of time I have is usually after 8 pm, when Owen goes on Belle duty. But as Owen has been away, I haven’t had a minute off and by the time 10 pm rolls around and I’m finished working, I’m exhausted. Don’t get me wrong – I’m loving it…it just doesn’t leave time for me to research the things I need in order to write informative posts. Which leaves me with this…stream of consciousness.

By the way I am typing this on the Ipad. I ordered the wireless keyboard for when I get to borrow it from Nathan and it’s sooo sweet. I feel terrible that I forgot to send it with Nathan so he could “communicate” while in Montreal. We’ve really just started using Proloquo so he still doesn’t know how to get around it too much. I can’t wait for him to get really good with it.

The problem with prologue is Nathan’s accuracy with his hand isn’t too great. He has trouble crossing midline so icons that are on the other side of the hand he’s using..he has trouble getting to. I am not sure how to get across that hurdle. Maybe with practice? I wonder how I can find out if there’s a way to program an eye gaze device for the ipad? I wonder if I can speak with someone at Apple?

I got an excellent report from Montreal today. I spoke with mary who said Nathan is doing AMAZING in his therapy with Ramon. She sent me a video of Nathan doing his exercises really well – without crying! It was soo cool to watch. She said he was impressed with how well he’s doing. Ramon’s been training Mary to do the exercises and she said she feels really good about them. I feel so positive, so hopeful about this. It just feels sooooo RIGHT.

We spook with the ABR Center in Montreal and Owen and Mary are going to stop by to receive training on the next 2 exercises, plus they are picking up the necessary materials. Wohooo! Now we can start the new exercises that were recently developed by Leonid, which apparently are just fabulous.

And then in 3 weeks we go to San Francisco, to the Anat Baniel Method Center. Nathan is going to have a couple of appointments with Anat, and the rest with her team. We’ll be there for 5 days. Once we come home we should be ready to start “implementation” stage of all of these programs.

I know this sounds like a lot. It seems like a lot of different things to work on at once. But each therapy has a different objective. And fortunately they are all very passive – except CME. So out of the whole day the only therapy that is physically demanding for Nathan will be CME, which will only require one 45 min. session / day. The others are extremely passive and enjoyable for Nathan. I plan on doing “a day in Nathan’s life” video soon so you can see our routine.

And all of this makes me think about my “what if” post. All these trips, all this stuff. What for? One of my wonderful special needs mom friends emailed me and said, what if we’re supposed to do both? Use the journey and experience for our own internal growth, while externally doing the best we can for our kids? Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? So long as we have no expectations of change or improvement, I think we can do both! That feels absolutely right to me.

Ok a quick update turned into a long post. And since I’m stream of consciousness’ing I’ll say…I miss my boys very much! Good night!


  1. Que alegría me da de saber todas estas noticias de mi niñito, estoy muy feliz por ustedes y que Nathan esta aceptando todo la terapia muy bien, que esta aprovechando sin reclamar, y me pone muy contenta de saber que Owen esta con Nathan y ademàs integrándose a toda la rutina con el apoyo de Mary, amiga, te mando un gran abrazo, miles de besitos a Belle y Nathan.
    Amiga, debo decirte que Belle esta realmente preciosa, muy linda y muy despierta, ella va a ser una chica muy inteligente, estoy segura de eso!!!!. TQM, Karym

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