Stuff of nightmares

Nathan was sent home from school yesterday because he was vomiting. We jumped into “sick mode” which meant lots of fluids, TLC, and rest. He seemed fine all afternoon and enjoyed his time of rest. He ate a great dinner and at his usual time we put him to sleep – on his back, as we’ve been doing for the last week or so.

I could hear his breathing was congested so I decided to sleep with the monitor turned all the way up to the max setting, and I went to bed.

All of a sudden I heard something strange and didn’t feel quite right – so I rushed to his room. Sure enough he had just vomited. Fortunately he turned his head to the side so he wasn’t aspirating on the vomit. We got him straight into the shower to clean him up (it was all over his face and hair) and on the way out of the shower he threw up the rest of his dinner. Then he was miserable and couldn’t stop crying – he felt so so bad.

We got him showered again and changed into his pj’s and then sat on the couch to watch some more Shrek to calm him down. After about 15 min’s he was relaxed again so I put him back down.

After monitoring his breathing for a while I knew he was safely asleep and he had thrown up all the mucus so I didn’t expect more vomit.

And this, my friends, is the stuff of my nightmares – the reason I rarely sleep. What if he had aspirated his vomit? This is one of those life-threatening things for Nathan that scares me sleepless. This is the reason why Nathan is almost 5 and I still sleep with his monitor cranked up so I can monitor any change in breathing patterns throughout the night.

In an hour we’ll be seeing his doctor so I hope we can get him on the mend again. I’ll let you guys know how he’s doing.


  1. Agreed, truly a nightmare for us as well. Something similar happened to us on our Wish Trip last week. Kade started getting that freaky croupy cough. Last time he had it he ended up in the ER not able to breath. THANKFULLY he tolerated it and all was right with the world a few hours later. Prayers for YOU and Nathan!

  2. Been through that many times, it’s so scary, I also have the montior all the way up, we’ve had the same baby monitor for 6 years.
    Prayers he will recover fast, it’s hard having a sick kid and a baby to take care of, Ryland got a 24hr bug couple months back andit was hard.
    Even when we were in Vegas I couldn’t sleep, I would wake up because it’s something I always do

  3. I hope Nathan feels better soon!

    We also have the baby monitor on high volume, and I can tell which seizure type Bertrand is having just based on his breathing pattern.

    My body knows to wake up when it hears a bad one! Clearly, a mother is tuned into her child 24/7. My husband, on the other hand, could sleep through an explosion. Oh well. 🙂

  4. Very scary and one of the reasons why Cody still sleeps in his crib next to our bed……hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

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