Suit Therapy

This morning I got in my car at 9:55 and at 10 am on the dot I arrived at the new suit therapy center that Nathan will be attending. I am still pinching myself. I cannot believe it is this close..worse yet, that it’s always been there and I hadn’t found it! I guess the timing wasn’t right before.

Nathan worked for 2 hours with the therapist. She is AMAZING. She spent some time putting kinesiotape on him – on his neck and stomack – to help with his flexion, as the side of his necks and lower abs are very very weak.

Then she had him roll down a large foam. And guess what .. he was able to do it!! For the first time ever! She was impressed as she noticed that he knew exactly what to do when gravity doesn’t block him completely. He had SO MUCH FUN rolling himself down that wedge and we did it several times.

Then she put the suit on him and worked on sitting and standing on the suit. He was a bit whiney but he worked really hard.

Unfortunately for now she doesn’t have time to see as much as I want. Hopefully soon more time will open up and we’ll be able to see her at least 3 times / week! As of now we don’t have any more appointments as she is fully booked. So please pray that her schedule magically opens up!

I wouldn’t have picked suit therapy as my ideal therapy to have next door, but I am grateful that it is there and SUSTAINABLE.

She was also impressed at the work we’ve done with ABR. She noticed how good his chest and neck look, which is what we’ve focused on with ABR. Also, I noticed that Feldenkrais is also helping him as he was able to utilize what he’s worked on with feldenkrais in the rolling, movement of the hips and pelvis, and when she put him on the floor on his belly, he was trying to army crawl (which he’s been working on in Feldenkrais).

Now I have some big decisions to make about how we will have time to continue everything but I have some ideas that I will share when I am ready.


  1. Go superNate!!

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