Sunday, November 19th

Well, we’re back home – the operation was successful! He’s a very brave, strong little guy. He didn’t have any complications at all..and everybody that saw him in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit couldn’t believe he’d just had surgery!

The neurosurgeon that did the operation he said he had very high intra-cranial pressure. The normal pressure is between 3 and 5, and his was 10. He thinks that’s one of the reason he was crying so much, as probably the pressure caused him headaches.

The shape of his head changed, and now we can finally see his fontanel. Before it wasn’t noticeable as there was fluid build up, but now you can see the indentation and his pulse through the fontanel.

Once again, one of the doctors that saw him was shocked at how well he’s doing. He came to us right after seeing the follow-up CT scan. He was like, it’s almost like the scans can’t be of this baby, as he’s doing so well and looks so good. He was amazed at how he could see, hear, suck, move his limbs, track..he said usually when they see scans like that, the babies are very impaired. Instead Nathan is very alert and has good skills for his age.

So we are very happy to have him home.

Once again, we are very grateful for all of your prayers and thanks for all of you that were thinking about him this weekend. We couldn’t get through this without you. Thank you.

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