Sunday, Sept 17th

This week we saw Nathan’s first smile! On Wed Sept 13th, he smiled and cooed at his grandma. It was very cute! He’s starting to “wake up” a lot more to the world, he spends more time looking around and observing things, he is cooing a little bit, and is letting us know how much he loves to be held. We also discovered he likes having a hand on him while he sleeps. The last couple of days he seems to be doing better. We are giving him the Zantac, as well as a few other natural remedies: Glyconutrients, probiotics, and a special herbal tea given to him by a Korean doctor. We also took him for craniosacral therapy.

Also, we discovered how much he LOVES the water, he can be hollering with hunger, pain, fury…but the moment he feels the water, he relaxes and starts playing around. His two favorite things every day are his baths and massages. Every morning and evening he gets a bath and a massage, and he becomes a happy camper (at least for a few minutes 🙂

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