Swimming at Stadio Italiano

And here he is going for a swim. He LOVES it.


  1. Kelly (grandma to Charlie) says

    I noticed that Nathan was holding his head up just fine in this video. Maybe more swimming will help his head control?

  2. Okay, that’s it. I’m taking Chloe swimming this afternoon. Right now. It looks like so much fun and we haven’t been for far too long! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. Tara, go go to!!! I’m sure she’ll love it! I was the same way – I’d been intending to take him but postponing postponing postponing. Until I said, enough, it’s time to go, and I’m so glad, he just loves loves loves the water!! Enjoy, have fun!!!

  4. OMG! He looks awesome! Look at the kicking!! Maxx just likes to splash.
    Incredible! Okay now I am going to have to consider going back to aquatic.

  5. Check out that head control!!! We may have to check into some water therapy for Cody!!!

  6. Wow, he does look like he’s having so much fun, kicking along. It really is amazing what the water does for our kiddos!

  7. Kelly – yes and yes!!! I’m amazed at how well he holds his head up in the water! That’s why I wanted to take him swimming, i think it really helps him. I’m hoping to take him every 2 days.

    Laura – yes! I know how much Maxx loves the water, it’ll be great for him! For Natahn, it’s the only form of physical exercise that he engage in with pleasure 🙂

    Laura G – I know, it’s such a great exercise! If Cody likes the water, it’d be so good (and fun) for him!!!!

    Rhemas mom – (I’m sorry, I don’t know your name!) – Today we went swimming again, and I was blown away. The moment I put him in the water, he kicked kicked kicked. Then if I lifted him slightly out, he’d stop moving. Down a bit – kicking like crazy…I think taht sensation of weightlessness makes a tremendous difference. Does Rhema enjoy the water? I hope you’ve had a good weekend, sounds like you were really put through it a few days ago!!! I hope all is going well for you and no more surprises!

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