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I found this links through someone I know on Facebook:


It seems this cute little girl is suffering terrible regression in her motor skills due to the swine flu vaccine. I feel terrible for her and for her mom, and will definitely be praying for them.

As for me – it reinforces my decision not to vaccinate Nathan or Belle.

When I took Nathan to his pediatrician a couple of weeks ago, she told me Nathan HAD to have the vaccine, if I didn’t give it to him I was literally risking his life. I didn’t argue with her, just told her I’d come back for it – I hope she wasn’t holding her breath! I don’t like confronting his doctor – she’s absolutely a wonderful person and doctor – but very opinionated. I am glad I am as opinionated as she is and can make up my own mind, without allowing scary tactics to work on me. They’re still waiting for us at his ped’s office.

I know millions of people have had this vaccine without adverse effects – I am just terrified that Nathan or Belle will be the “one in a million” – so I’d rather take great care of them with nutrition and supplements to ensure a healthy immune system. I know it’s totally different for every family, but for me personally, I’m just more scared to vaccinate than I am of what could happen if they are NOT vaccinated.


  1. Maxx didn’t get the swine flu vaccine. I have refused to give it to him. From all the research I read and my sister looked up (pharmacist) it didn’t feel like the right thing to do. It was only tested on 600 healthy children. No studies or tests had been done on kids with compromised immune systems or who already had neuro issues.

    Maxx’s ped called to give me an appointment. I just called back and said we couldn’t make it.

  2. Vaccine- Didn’t get H1N1 and I worked in virology during the surge- I personally felt it was rushed through the FDA and hadn’t been tested enough. I didn’t get sick (this time). I also didn’t make my daughter get the “one less” HPV vaccine either- same reason.
    on the letting go post: I found a neat definition for ROI: Relationships, Outcomes, Improvements. Letting go of an old definition might be good, too

  3. There are several, very effective anti-flu measures that can be taken. Around here, it didn’t ever really take off. I considere the nasal, since it’s mercury free, but then things sort of fizzled so it never happened. Go with your gut, mama!

  4. I was reading this book about Cerebral Palsy. I will have to give you the name of the book and the vaccines, but it suggest two vaccines not to give to your CP child. I already did of course because I didn’t know, but I will give them to you next time I’m on the computer. I’m getting ready to go to bed right now. I’ll email to you or write it on here.

  5. How does one send your kid to school if they are not vaccinated? Is it even allowed?

    I’m not sure how I feel on the whole vaccine thing, but I do think on the whole, vaccines are a good thing.

    However, I do not agree with giving a child 6 shots the day they are born. (Or however many hospitals do) Maybe after they are a year old, or maybe even 3 years old, give them one at a time to see what the side effects are from each one.

    Happily, though, I am not a parent, so I don’t have to make this choice.

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