Tara Empowerment & Santa Barbara

Today Nathan had Tara Empowerment with Gen Lekma. He wasn’t feeling great so it was a bit rough. He fell asleep towards the middle of the actual empowerment so I was able to go inside the meditation room with him and we both got most of the actual empowerment.

The most amazing time was when she did the Mind Empowerment. I took him up to the throne and she held the torma over his head and rang the bell. He opened his eyes for a brief second, smiled, and then happily faded back into sleep. I was so touched and happy I was trembling and almost couldn’t get back up! Bob’s son Elliot also had the empowerment – he was so cute! He lifted up his little bunny for Gen Lekma to empower too 🙂

Afterwards we went to the beach so Nathan could see it for the first time. He didn’t enjoy it as much as he coudl’ve because of the flu, but he still had a good time and was very curious about the sounds, the waves, the sea gulls. He played in the sand for a second, but mostly he just looked around.

Here are a couple of videos:

And here are a couple of pictures:

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