Terrible News

Today we saw Dr. Kay, an Orthopedist at Children’s Hospital LA. He took an X-ray of Nathan’s hips and found that they are more than 50% dislocated. In just 1 year they went from 32% dislocated to about 55% dislocated.

Last year he recommended surgery but we decided to postpone it for a year to see how things developed. Considering they got so much worse, his recommendation is very clear: Hip Reconstructive Surgery, and soon. If we wait too long the surgery will get more complicated and the recovery more painful. While they are working on the hip, they will also lengthen the adductors and hamstrings.

He scheduled surgery for September 21st. They will cut the bone and put it back into the socket. He will be in a cast for at least 4 weeks.

We are devastated. I know it’s a pretty routine procedure but it’s a huge procedure and will be painful. I know kids have it done, and they recover well. I just can’t imagine my happy hero having to go through weeks of pain and discomfort with a cast.

It seems clear that it’s the best thing for him, so we will move forward with the surgery.



  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. We, too, have been watching Emma’s hips. Last time they looked better than in the past and we are hoping keeping up with stretching and weight bearing will put this surgery off indefinitely. It is a fairly “routine” procedure, but when it is happening to your child there is nothing routine about it. Will keep Nathan in our prayers that he has a quick recovery without too much pain.

  2. Oh, Marcela – I am so sorry to hear about this. No matter how important it is or how much people assure you it will all be ok it’s so hard to see your baby in pain. But it WILL be ok, and you guys will make it through this, too, and it will be worth it in the end…

  3. 🙁 surgery, but knowing the tigress momma that you are, Nathan has the best people in his cornner.
    Is it just me, or in these pictures is Nate working hard to be straight and look at the camera? Like his core is getting stronger?

  4. Cathy Jordan says

    I’m so sorry that he has to have surgery. You are doing so much for him and he’s amazing!! Praying for your little man!

  5. Marce, not nice news, I know how you feel. Our doctors did not give enough attention to Oliver’s hip joint, even I mentioned that all the time. I saw how it was getting worse and worse. So, I contacted the best doctors in our country, one of them takes care of our presidents, of the best sportsmen not only in our country. Simply the best. Waiting list for more than two years. So, found the way how to get Oliver to them within 2 weeks. And they both said that it is too late for muscle release and Oliver is a case for the hip joint construction. On the other hand they were afraid to do that because of his neurology condition, because of what happened during his labor and there is a big risk that we would loose him. Then one doctor told us that it is not fair, but we have to make that decision. I have been solving this issue for one year without no result.
    I wish Nathan the best doctors, nurses. I pray for him. Take care, Marce, I am with you.

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