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After I wrote the post yesterday I had a nice long chat with my mom, followed by a nice long chat with my good friend Laura, followed by a nice hot bath, followed by a deep peaceful sleep. I slept until about 1 pm in the afternoon – I was that exhausted. Denise took Nathan to Medek so I could rest and lo and behold, – everyone was right – things didn’t look so dark any more. The world looks different seen through rested eyes.

I wanted to make a couple of comments about yesterday’s post:

  • Nathan HAS improved. I was just too deep in the pits to see it. Just tonight, after dinner, he sat with me on the computer for a little while and I was only holding him by the waist, he held up his head and trunk. He’s definitely doing better with trunk control. Also, during dinner, he reached out and grabbed his zippy cup and was taking it to his mouth. He didn’t get it quite right – but he tried! He did the same with a banana later in the day. I also noticed he is eating MUCH better. I gave him rice and lentils for dinner and didn’t puree it, just to see how he would handle it, and he ate it perfectly, without choking, opening his mouth wide for me and controlling his oral movements wonderfully. Some time ago he wouldn’t bear any weight on his legs – I remember taking him to the Sesame Street Live concert and trying to get him to stand up so he could see over the heads of the people in front of us – and he just wouldn’t hold himself upright for even a second. Today he can stand with balance and sometimes trunk support for a VERY long time. When he is excited, he will pull himself to stand and stay upright for minutes! The improvements ARE definitely there, but, like Mary said in her comment, they’re not as advanced as I want them to be, which is my problem, not his, not Medek’s. I know I know, patience, I promise, I will one day have it! But in general, he HAS progressed and he IS stronger and his brain and body ARE changing and I am grateful for all of it.
  • I replied in Spanish to Kenia’s comment, I thought I’d write it in English too. I haven’t for a minute doubted Medek. I know with all of my body, mind, and soul that Medek is THE BEST therapy available for Nathan. I think Medek, combined with ABR for structural improvements, is the “holy grail” in the rehabilitation world. What I sometimes doubt is Nathan’s capacity for change. Since he has 3 different, very severe types of brain damage (holoprosencephaly, the damage from a compressed brain from untreated hydrocephalus, and the damage from an untreated bacterial meningitis), I sometimes wonder if I’m asking too much of him. Maybe his brain has suffered so many insults that it just doesn’t the ability to change itself. I have done everything based on the premise of brain plasticity, knowing that the brain is plastic and can rewire itself – but when I’m depleted and in a dark place I wonder if maybe Nathan’s brain is just too damaged. Then the wonderful Cybell mentioned that this is total BS, for a child with as much damage as Nathan he should be in much worse shape, his brain has adjusted wonderfully to all of the insults and is doing it’s best to improve. This is a child who is missing substantial portions of the brain, who doesn’t have an occipital cortex but can see, who has no corpus callosum, who has no septum pellucidum but can taste and smell, whose basal ganglia is fused but he has voluntary movements in his arms and legs. So by sharing my doubt to the world, kind friends pointed out the obvious and I, once again, feel renewed and reinvigorated. I believe in Medek, I believe in ABR, and I believe in Nathan. Now I just have to get myself well so I don’t forget all of these wonderful things.

I am so grateful for all of you wonderful people who are supporting us. Sarah, thank you for the advice, it really helped – it was the first step towards getting myself back to Center. January, I haven’t forgotten your words, I just needed to vent a little, come back to center and then remember that therapy takes time! Mary, I am grateful for your clear vision, when I read your post, I had to stop and think, and it made me step away from my negativity and see things more clearly. Mom, thank you for the long chat and for helping me calm down! I really appreciate your support! Laura – thanks for letting me vent! I think I just needed to get it all out of my system. You are right about giving Nathan time and about letting him take a little break. I hope to see you in NY soon! Give my Maxx a kiss for me! Karym, gracias por tu amistad y apoyo, te agradezco mucho tus palabras lindas! Cybell, gracias por cuidarnos tanto y por la conversacion de hoy, cuando colgamos ya me senti super tranquila, me abristes mucho los ojos y me siento tan agradecida de tenerte como amiga!!! Kenia, te agradezco mucho tu apoyo y observaciones, como siempre muy sabias! Sonia, thanks for being there! Summer, Kristina, Stacey – your words and support are greatly appreciated! I am glad I am walking this journey with such wonderful individuals!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support.

PS. Trevor’s mom had a similar idea today, she said it so very well.


  1. estoy muy contenta por tí,es increible lo que hace la unión con amor de todas las personas que están pendientes de uds. me alegré al saber que pasaste parte de la tarde jugando con Nathan y al escuchar tu voz se sintió mucho mas tranquila,creo que Dios te ama tanto que te hizo ver que no caminas sola por esta etapa de tu vida,sino que muchas personas vamos a tu lado para apoyarte en tus momentos de debilidad,de flaquezas,de tristezas,de alegrias y de los hermosos triunfos que tus hijos te regalan cada dia,no temas mira que nuestro presente y nuestro futuro están en las manos de Dios,y te lo demostró hoy al recibir el cariño de todos nosotros . un gran abrazo.

  2. comparto la opinión Cybell, el Papa Juan Pablo II, cuando visitó Chile hace algunos años, nos dijo a todos: EL AMOR ES MAS FUERTE, y eso es verdad, creo que las personas que los conocemos tenemos la bendición de haberlo hecho, hay una magia y pureza que los envuelve, Nathan es un angelito precioso que ha demostrado que nada es imposible, dar tiempo al tiempo y veremos maravillas en nuestros hijos y nos sentiremos profundamente orgullosos de ellos, me siento muy contenta que ya te sientas mejor. No hemos hablado mucho, pero en cada oración que hago, ten por seguro que están todos mis amigos, y eso los incluye a ustedes, te mando un gran abrazo para seguir adelante y entre todos nos apoyaremos, VAMOS QUE SE PUEDE.

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