Thank you

I can’t thank everyone enough for your prayers for Nathan.


This morning he woke up a different child. He had some color again, was breathing better, and was back to his usual happy self. He didn’t run any fevers today and didn’t vomit once. He gave us quite a scare yesterday.

Another testimony to the power of prayer. THANK YOU!!!!!!

PS. He was doing so well we took him to see Toy Story in 3D. He LOVED it! And guess who was a perfect child during the movie? You guessed right – Ms. Belle! I’m not exaggerating when I say that little munchkin literally sat and watched the movie. Oh what have we done!


  1. I am so pleased to hear Nathan is well.All praises to God for the speedy recovery. I find that relying on your faith truly brings peace in your heart and most certainly change to any situation that may arise.Please remember my dear son Mikhail in your prayers, that God grants him good health. With every therapy used it is only by the will of God that it works. My son cries when i try to the therapy and hence sometimes nothing gets done. Right now, struggling. Sorry for the lengthy comment, but would love to hear how you would tackle this. Sumayah

  2. Que buena noticia!!!
    Creo que la fé mueve montañas,tál como dices en este post:”el poder de la oración” seguro que varios ruegos por una misma causa trae la respuesta,me alegro mucho saber que Nathan esta mejor e incluso vierón una pelicula…y Belle no deja de sorprenderme!!
    Marcela es bueno saber que ya tienen calma.
    Un abrazo.

  3. Very happy to hear the great news and a movie to boot!

  4. Yea God!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Gracias a Di os que mi niñito esta bien, la oración es lo mas fuerte que podemos tener para salir adelante, fuerza Marcela, y la tranquilidad ya volvió a casa!!!
    Un abrazo
    Ps. Belle es una princesita realmente sorprendente!!!

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