Thanks & Sorry

Today has been a day of gratitude for me. Of appreciation for how far Nathan has come along.

So I wanted to take today to appreciate all of you. Your prayers have made this possible. Your support. Your friendship. The love you send our way. The advice. The emails. All of it means so much. We appreciate you very much.

And on the same note I want to apologize. I have not been a very good friend lately. I have not been supportive or responsive. And I feel so sorry for that.

Many of you have emailed me asking questions, supporting us, giving us advice. I get facebook messages and emails and phone calls and text messages…and most of them go unreturned. And it’s eating away at me. I don’t like being this way.

But the truth is I am overwhelmed and barely holding it together. There is so much going on in our lives and it’s all I can do to get through it all. So when I have a small pocket of time at some point during the day I tend to use it to write on the blog. And in the meantime the emails pile up, my voice mail fills up, the text message inbox gets so filled it becomes another email inbox.

Please forgive me for being unresponsive. I am tired. And so busy. And have I mentioned tired?

But as tired as I am, I am grateful. And here. And when I get through this…when I get more than 2 uninterrupted hours of sleep…when I don’t feel like the days are a train wreck….I hope on that day I can catch up with all of you!!!


  1. Sally Fraley says

    you know- we are fortunate that you make the time to post. Your adventure with 2 MOBILE children is just starting—I rejoice with you and am GLAD you don’t have time to just think and write about the possibilities for your babies, you are LIVING them!!

  2. Well that is no excuse my friend lol isnt that what you use to say to me all the time. Well take you some time Amber to call me lol Now you knwo why lol I still love you and yes we all forgive you and give them babies xxoo from me please.

  3. Gracias por compartir tus sentimientos amiga, estas muy agotada y aún así te das el tiempo para escribir los posts, ánimo amiga, mucha fuerza para tener un descanso reparador, tus hijos se mueven por todos lados y me imagino que andas detras de ellos, estas perdonada y obvio que tú y tu familia esta primero. Te mando un gran abrazo y besitos a los niños, un beso

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