The adventure continues

Well today I had an unprecedented but very enlightening experience.

I capitulated and went to the doctor yesterday as I was simply too sick and couldn’t bear it anymore. The doctor told me I had a couple of infections and here are some antibiotics, thank you very much. As most of you guys now I hate antibiotics and conventional medicine so I called a nutritionist that had given a talk at . I told him a little about what was going on and he told me to come see him as soon as possible. That was Tuesday afternoon, so I went to see him today.

And holy moly was I blown away. I exploded into his office with my usual hectic energy and the first thing I said was, “You have 45 min’s to take care of me and Nathan.” I could almost see his hair stand on end by the explosion of frenetic energy in his space.

Now let me tell you a little bit about Dr. DiTuro. He is one of those people that carries himself with an air of peace and balance. You can tell he is very sensitive and picks up on energy very easily. So when I say we exploded into his space, I mean it. His office looked like a hurricane hit.

But on to the fun part.

Now, a lot of this stuff will sound very cooky, and I am not one to believe this stuff. But I’ll do my best to explain. He started by saying he needed to do some muscle testing. The muscle testing would tell him where Nathan had weaknesses and what types of weaknesses they were. Again, I’ve always thought muscle testing was a bit out there, so I told him to try it on me first. We did a few different “experiments” and lo and behold, I could feel what he was talking about.

With my left hand, he would make me touch a pressure point. Then he would make my right thumb and ring finger touch in the middle. He would tell me to hold them together with all my strength. Then he would touch a point and if he could pull the two fingers apart, there was a weakness in the point. I told him I wanted to see if there was truth so we tried a few different experiments and there were times when, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t keep those 2 fingers togethers. At other times there was no way he could pry them apart. Anyways, even if you aren’t, I am convinced that this s#$t works. It was kinda weird and trippy and amazing!

So after doing muscle testing on Nathan, in a very specific and precise way, he told me that Nathan has several problems. He said that he has circulatory problems and signs of a very old, persistent infection in his circulatory system. He also said he has infection in the right side of his colon and in his intestines. He said that he has a leaky gut and that’s why he has all the food allergies. He also found signs of 2 types of parasites. Finally, he found signs of metals, particularly in his left inner thigh, which is where he was vaccinated.

He explained that all of these things were keeping his immune system from functioning properly and were holding back his development. He said, and I am quoting, “You will see, after a few weeks, he will wake up, and take off.” I don’t take words like that lightly, in fact, I rarely hear them. He also said that his treatment would allow the therapies that we are doing to actually work, whereas right now they can’t work because his body is under constant stress and attack.

So as a form of treatment, we have to do 2 main things:

We have to give him these mud treatments and we have to give him a bunch of supplements. The mud treatments are especially designed to draw out, or extract, the metals. The supplements work on everything else. But belive it or not, he said the mud treatments would take care of 80% of the problems. The supplements would just finish off the job.

So I left his office with a truck load of supplements and a ton of new stuff to do for Nathan. Because I really need more stuff to do! But hey, I take it all in with an open heart and an open mind.

This is what he will be taking:

Heavy Metal Detox
Maitake Complex
Hyssop Complex

HM Detox
Maitake Complex
Hyssop Complex

External Application
Medi-body pack
HM Nano

We have to continue everything else we were doing, except the B12 shots, which he said have too many unwanted side effects. But all of the vitamins, probiotics, glutatione, etc were good.

I asked him if he thought Nathan was autistic, since he has all of the symptoms that autistic kids have. He said, no way. He is connected to me, his environment, other people. But he is autistic-like because he shares all of the symptoms. He thougth that once we fixed all these issues with his body he will develop more and he thougth we should see some great things from him.

Then on to me. He did some muscle testing on me and blew me away. WIthout me saying anything, he diagnosed a thyroid problem that I’ve had for a long time. He also diagnosed many other things. Most importantly, he said I’ve been under such long, sustained stress that my immune system is barely functional. It has produced so much adrenaline that now it is barely capable of producing it. WHich is why I always feel tired and like I have no energy. He also said something about a hormonal imbalance, which I can’t remember specifically what it was….something about too much estrogen or something like that.

On top of that, he found candida overgrowth, which was even in my nostrils, and an awful, chronic yeast infection in my sinus and tonsils. He said I’ve probably had that for a very long time (which is true). He also found 3 types of parasites and 1 bacteria.

He figured that Nathan and I were probably sharing our cooties with each other and that if we both went through the treatment we would both feel better and improve.

I have to take a similar set of medicines as Nathan starting tommorrow. He promised me I will feel like a new person very quickly. I swear, if he is right, I will kiss his holy behind. Wouldn’t you? After 2 years of chronic fatigue and low level infection, what wouldn’t you give for someone to tell you to take these things and you’ll be all good in no time?

I hope that this treatment will help us both. Nathan has been painfully cranky lately and I can’t figure out what’s going on with him. He just whines and complains all the time. And he is SO STIFF it’s awful. His legs got really stiff again and it’s so hard to watch. So I really hope this works for him.

This is the doctor’s website that we’re seeing:
Inner Harmony Wellness Center

And this guy seems to do a good job of explaining some of the things I’m talking about:
Modern Herbalist

In the meantime, we continue doing as much ABR as possible and we’ve managed to do a couple more sessions of the Institutes program.

I’ll try and post some pictures tommorrow of Mr. Nathan in some of his new equipment. Have a lovely day!


  1. Wow, he sounds like a magician. Looking forward to your updates on all the things he recommended. Hope it will do the magic for you and Nathan!


  2. Administrator says

    You are SO right! He does appear to be a magician. I was so impressed with his presence / knowledge / approach. A few times during the appointments my eyes teared with gratitude and relief at finally having found someone who could help us. Of course there’s a small part of me that wonders if it’s really going to work but I should know shortly. I just gave Nathan the first dose of his medications. How are your boys doing?

  3. You know I know exactly how you feel. I’m so looking for someone who could help my son.
    I’m so tired of when I tell my son’s problems to doctors and nurses, all they say, oh he just probably wants your attention, oh, just put him in his room and leave him there. It is very frustrating not only trying to help you child but also defend that his issues are real and not made up.
    After I read your posts about yeast and Nathan eating better, I ordered VSL#3, will see if it will make any differences for my son.
    It’s a boy and a girl 🙂

  4. WOW. I will be very curious to hear how you and Nathan fare. I have met a few quack doctors since we had Max who have preyed on my desire to do anything that will help, but he sounds like a good egg.

  5. Interesting experience. I really hope this works for you and Nathan. You will be able to tell how true this treatment if you start to feel good again….hopefully very soon!

  6. Administrator says

    Ellen, I guess it all depends on perspective. We’ve grown up used to Western Medicine so it’s what seems normal to us. But I have come to believe / realize it is by no means the best or only way of improving health. So his approach is different but I think it will help us! I’ll keep you posted!

  7. Administrator says

    Thanks Eugenia! I’ll let you know!

  8. Administrator says

    Hey Gala,

    Do you have more pictures of your kids? Gosh they are so cute. What are their names? How is your son doing? He’s the one with problems? I know what you mean about doctors, they just don’t seem to understand AT ALL. But keep trying I think with enough persistence and determination eventually doors will open! I hope the VSL#3 will help him, it seems to be a VERY powerful probiotic. Keep me posted!


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