The bad mama chronicles continue

This morning at about 7 am I was in the deepest of sleeps and in the middle of an REM dream…when all of a sudden I heard a THUUUUUUUUUUUD…followed by 3 seconds of silence….followed by a loud WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa. In 1/10 of a second I woke up, jumped out of bed, and ran to Nathan’s room…to find him not on the bed where I left him, but on the floor. Because falling from his chair on Saturday wasn’t enough. Now, before you call the Chilean child protection agency, let me tell you that Nathan has NEVER fallen out of bed because he never moves while he sleeps. Where you put him, you find him the next morning. He will turn his head from side to side and move his arms, but that’s about it. So how he came to roll from one side of the bed to the other and to FALL is inconceivable to me!

The good news is – WOW, he moved!!! CME is working! He rolled/scooted/turned???!!! COOL!

Needless to say, I bought a little bar and now he can move all he wants without falling off the bed.

And on the WOW note, now that we’re settling in to the new apt, I went out and bought some exercise mats so we can have an area for Nathan to play, which we didn’t have at the old apt. Today it ocurred to me to have him read a book while prop sitting. And lo and behold, he held himself up while reading a book both prop and side sitting for about 5 min’s each!!!! Another amazing accomplishment!! He owes this skill to Nathalie, his wonderful OT, who worked on this for a very long time with him. I was afraid he would forget since we haven’t tried it with him for 3 or 4 months (except once at therapy with Ramon), but not only did he not forget, he did it better than before! I’m pretty stoked about this, shows that the therapy is working on multiple levels.

I hope this is the end of the bad mama chronicles and that from now on I only have beautiful things to reveal 🙂 We’re going to bed early so…GOOD NIGHT!


  1. Hi Marcela:
    Wonderful news of Nathans progress! Sorry about the bumps & bruises but it is typical for any toddler to experience tumbles & falls. Great movement Nathan! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  2. Sorry to hear that he rolled out of bed but- HE ROLLED OUT OF BED! I’m doing a happy dance for you right now:)
    Thank you so much for your kind comment. I was half expecting the new diagnosis, but it still took me by surprise. You are right, I need to look at Little Man, not his diagnosis.

  3. You made my day!!! Go buddy go!!

  4. ¡¡¡Bién Nathan por esta linda sorpresa para tu mamá y para nosotros!!!
    que emocionante su caida de la cama,ya imagino tu alegria al sorprender a Nathan que no estaba en su cama,que bueno que ahora tiene su zona de juegos en su dpto. chileno,y vamos adelante!!!! que los preciosos logros se están viendo.
    un beso para los 3.

  5. Que bien Nathan, ya estás descubriendo nuevas aventuras, ya lograrás hacer mas travesuras y todos estaremos feliz por tí. Me imagino el susto de no ver a Nathan en la cama!!!!!!!.
    Es muy cierto, esta dándo resultado CME, que alegría, no por el golpe, pero sí, por saber que esta descubriendo a su alrrededor cosas nuevas.Besos para los tres.

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