The boy with half a brain

We were at a party this weekend and a little boy came up to me and asked, “Is that the little boy with half a brain?” I was proud to announce that yes, this is the little boy with half a brain. Except now we know that he has a bit more than half a brain. Way to go Nathan!

And I thought…hmmmm…what a great title for a book.

Lately I have been in contact with several mothers who have young brain injured children. It made me remember those early days where you still don’t know enough and you are handed this child that you want with all your heart to help but don’t know how. My heart goes out to them, I wish I could fly around the world and support them, listen to them, share some of our experiences. I wish they didn’t have to go through all of the things we went through. That, through our journey, we could make things better for them, and their kids. But of course that is not realistic.

Which has made me return to my idea of a book. Maybe instead of writing a biographical book, I should write a more fact-based book about what we’ve learned. Present a list of alternative therapies, talk about brain plasticity, talk about different toys, technology, how to deal with state and other agencies.

In any case…I’m proud to be the mother of this boy with half a brain. With just a little more than half a brain, he has accomplished so much! What he lacks in brains he makes up in spirit (and in looks, of course!).

So what do you think of “The boy with half a brain” as a title for a book?

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