The Countdown Begins

No, I’m not talking about the baby countdown. I’m talking about the Chile countdown! We leave in 2 weeks! And yes, of course we’re still gonna go, even if I’m pregnant!

On September 10-11 I will take the BodyTalk module 1 course.

Then on September 12th, Nathan and I are off to Chile!

Nathan will be seeing Ramon Cuevas twice a day every day to receive CME Medek. I have the most amazing feeling about this, I think now that Nathan is incredibly healthy, has received stem cells, and is generally in a wonderful place, he will greatly benefit!

We are also going to meet Sonia and Rocio, as well as Karen and Osvaldo, and we are so excited!

I believe this will create powerful new connections in Nathan’s brain. Thanks to Medek, today he is able to bear weight on his legs, he can pull to stand, he can lift his trunk up a little bit, and has improved with his head and trunk control.

Yesterday we went to Disneyland (I’ll upload photos soon!) and I was amazed at how strong he has become! I held him by the waist during the Pirates ride and he kept himself standing up and with his trunk up. His trunk still collapses and he has to keep bringing it up but he is doing better than ever! His head also stayed in midline alignment most of the time.

Today we went to the beach and he wanted to follow the kids to the water. He was stepping after them and doing his best to walk while holding his head and trunk!

If Ramon can help strengthen his trunk, I think amazing things will start happening for Nathan.

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