The Dragon Warrior

Today we watched Kung Fu Panda like 5 times. I think Nathan has rotavirus on top of an ear infection on top of a staph infection in his nose so he was not up for much more than watching TV, which is what we did all day. And since Kung Fu Panda is his flavor of the month, that’s what we watched, over and over and over again.

There’s a part in Kung Fu Panda where Shifu goes to talk to Master Uguay and complains about Panda, saying that it was a mistake that Panda was chosen as the Dragon Warrior, that it was an accident he had fallen out of the sky.

And wise Master Uguay says, “There are no accidents. You must believe.” Finally Shifu believes and finds a way to teach Kung Fu to Panda.

So Panda read the Dragon Scroll and learned that belief was the secret ingredient, that all he had to do was believe in himself and he would find the Dragon Warrior within, that he didn’t need anything else other than belief.

So my motto for this year will be: Believe.

The secret ingredient to my noodle baby is to believe in his potential. The secret ingredient for my journey as a mother is to believe in my own potential. Then we will both shine in our own wacky crazy way and find the beauty within ourselves, whatever that may be.

Do you believe?

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