The era of “So What”

We’ve entered the era of “so what” in the Andrew household.

So what…

…if Nathan never walks – he’ll prance in his pony and roll with a baby on each side of his lap. And when his laps not big enough? Then we’ll all find a way to roll together.

…if Nathan never talks – he can sure chat up a storm with his dynavox. Sometimes when he has it on I feel like turning it off because he chats and chats and chats! (no, I am not serious, I love it!)

….if Nathan is not like a typical kid – he is typical to me, he is the boy I love with all my heart and he is my normal.

…if Nathan can’t play like other kids – he plays in his own way, he loves life so fully, and he enjoys his life more than most humans on this planet!

…if Nathan can’t take care of himself – I find taking care of him a privilege and a joy and I’m so glad I get to! Plus he is so sweet and adoring and just such a pleasure!

So what if Nathan is severely disabled?

With his severe disability comes severe cuteness, severe sweetness, severe gratitude, severe appreciation, severe joy, severe and intense and overwhelming and all encompassing love.

We’ve entered a new era in the Andrew household.

The era of So What.


  1. Such an inspiring note on love, appreciation, acceptance, courage and gratitude. Thank you for such a profound insight.

  2. What a great era, indeed! I’ve felt this way about Emma for a while, but of course there are days that I don’t feel it as strongly 🙂 The one thing I have to say I struggle with the most is the talking. Emma doesn’t have a dynavox to chat with, but she does have the iPad and we just borrowed a Tango yesterday to see if that works better for her to get her ready for the eyegaze dynavox (per the dynavox rep, the Tango is a good precursor to the Dynavox Eyegaze). I’ve never know more joy to come from a child that Emma and sometimes I wonder if it is us that is disabled a bit because we don’t know how to let go and just enjoy as easily as Emma (and probably Nathan!).

    Love the photos and the recent posts on equipment. Thanks!

  3. Sally Fraley says


  4. I love this post! And I love the photos of Nathan and Bella in the swing. Priceless. You rock.

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