The Flip Side…

I’ve been feeling so hopeful and happy that I can almost see Nathan running around our house.

Generally I have this capacity to visualize things, and sometimes I forget to relate to the reality and instead I relate to the image in my head – the expectation.

I have been on such a high after our recent trip that I was already imagining all of the progress Nathan would make.

This evening, reality bit hard. Owen was sitting on the couch and Nate fell sideways. I could tell he was trying real hard to bring himself back up. He didn’t move an inch. It was sad, and hard, to see the reality.

Which reminded me of something my dad recently said – your problem is your expectations. If I allow myself to have expectations, then reality can be painful, unbearable.

However, if I have HOPE without expectations, I won’t have a cause to feel sad, disappointed, anxious.

So..the lesson of the day for me…check your expectations at the door. They only lead to pain.

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