The much dreaded, much anticipated MRI…

Is tommorrow, Monday, at 2pm.

We managed to find an MRI place that is pretty new and thus not busy. So they will allow us to do the MRI without sedation. We will first see Nathan’s pediatrician, who will give him oral sedation. Then, after 30 minutes, we’ll run accross the parking lot to the MRI place, where hopefully Nathan will be asleep.

They will do the MRI with contrast. Hopefully Nathan will not stir at all during the 45 minute procedure.

Afterwards, they will give me a disc with the MRI images, which I will send out to the Carter Centers and to the neurosurgeon and a couple of other neurologists to take a look at the scans.

Please keep us in your thoughts tommorrow, it’s a BIG day for us. Nathan hasn’t had an MRI since he was 3 months old. So it’s a big event and I am nervous and scared. A prayed would be appreciated.


  1. Good Luck ! I hope that everything goes well.

  2. Sending good thoughts and vibes your way. Hope everything will go smooth.


  3. Hoping things are going well and Nate is sound asleep right now as I type.

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