The Rune of Wisdom

Today we had our monthly appointment with Dr. Kenny. Every time I go to her office, I draw a little stone tablet with a carving (a rune) from a little bag. There are 25 of them, and each one symbolizes something. There is a book that explains each of the runes. Well the last 3 visits I have drawn the exact same rune each time – the rune of wisdom. I don’t do math but the probability of drawing the same rune 3 times in a row out of 25 options are pretty low. I think God is trying to tell me something 🙂

My favorite part?

It is through wisdom that a tragedy becomes a teaching.

Wisdom is a journey. It helps us transfuse difficult experiences into meaningful opportunities. It helps us see situations through a different viewfinder.

I always wonder and second guess myself about whether I am making the right decisions for Nathan. Am I doing too much? Not enough? Should I enjoy his happiness and give up on my quest for improvement? Maybe you’re tired of hearing me ask this question. But with a child whose very life depends on these decisions, it’s not easy to stop wondering! Thinking about wisdom helps me understand that the path is to keep seeking, and that as I question and ask and look at things differently, the answer will become clear. Maybe the answer is that there is no fixed answer and that it’s all about doing my best at every fork in the road.

I leave you with a few more pictures:

We celebrated my aunt’s bday at TGI Friday’s, and after dinner we went for a little walk while Nathan rode his tricycle and then we watched an outdoor movie.

He loooooooooooooves his grandma nalga.

And here he is with Dr. Kenny. See where his right hand is?

I don’t know what his dad is teaching this boy, but he’s sure up to no good!

He really enjoys his appointments with Dr. Kenny and he loves her so much!

And here he is sitting after his appointment – he lasted a couple of minutes!

And here he is holding his head up nicely a couple of days ago. This is pretty new and exciting for us!


  1. Lo del control de cabeza. Te preguntas si puede estar ABR detras de ello?.

    De todas formas se ve super lindo y feliz!

  2. what an amazingly handsome young man! love to all…

  3. Viva mi niñito!!!!, que bien que ya sostienes mas tu cabecita, eso es por mucho trabajo y esfuerzo. Marce, todo estoy es muy bueno, que grande está y las fotos son geniales, ama a su tía!!!!, y ni me digas con su doctora, la conoce muy bien y se deja querer y ademàs es muy travieso con esa mano!!!, les mando un besito a mis niñitos gringitos!!!, un abrazo amiga y te felicito por los logros de Nathan!!!

  4. farnaz says

    I have been procrasinating, but really need to get in to see Dr. Kenny. She sounds great. How interesting that you would draw the wisdom rune. I do believe we all are learning each day. You are a great teacher as is Nathan. I am thankful for having our paths crossed in this lifetime.

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