The Secret

Facing my own fears and insecurities has brought me the greatest gift of all – the ability to experience and enjoy the present.

In the present there is a happy, healthy child. Today I woke up to a child that wakes up with a cooooooo and a smile. Today I bathed a child that loves the water and enjoys being sang to and massged. This afternoon I went to the mall with a child that everyone stops to admire and talk to, a child that engages everyone and brings happiness to all. Most importantly, today I had the opportunity to love and care for an extraordinary being.

This evening I watched The Secret . It was wonderful. It reaffirmed old beliefs that I had somehow lost. It reminded me to ask, believe, accept. It reminded me that I am the architect of my future, and that a building begins in the mind of its architect; my future is created by my beliefs.

And so I’ve come to a profound realization – I can accept the present, while visualizing a different future.

Before, I thought it was paradoxical, to accept and wish for change. I thought that acceptance was stagnant, and by accepting, I closed the window of change.

Now I understand, acceptance is simply a mind that accepts whatever arises in the MOMENT. How can I accept a future that DOESN’T EXIST? I can only accept what arises here and now. At the same time, I can visualize a different future, and have faith in that future.

And with that happy realization I am ready to face this New Year.

Thanks for everyone that’s been praying for us and helping me to come to this profound understanding. As always, I am so grateful.

Now, on to more important things…Nathan’s first haircut!!!

This is before his haircut, at the carrousel:

Just starting to cut his hair (you can tell I’m nervous)


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