The Super Super Super Special Magic Pill

We saw Nathan’s Korean doctor yesterday. He doesn’t speak any English. The last 3 appointments that we had with him were interesting, as I was trying to explain Nathan’s issues in my version of Korean. He did give Nathan some pills and some teas which did cure him from his asthma and cough, so somehow we must’ve understood each other.

Yesterday we went back and his daughter was there to interpret. She moved to LA from Georgia and will now be helping her father in his practice. She is also a trained herbalist and acupuncturist.

So I gave her Nathan’s medical history which she translated to her dad. Then I observed as they spoke in Korean for several minutes. At one point he started getting very animated and passionate, and I knew something interesting was being said. Finally his daughter explained.

“What Nathan really needs is a super super super super special concoction that has been used in Asian medicine for thousands of years. In Korea it is always used for children with brain injury. In the past, they didn’t go to hospitals, they saw an herbalist and used natural treatments. Nathan really needs these herbs. They contain very special ingredients like musk and other aromatic herbs. As you know, the olfactory sense is the best way to stimulate brain development. However, this treatment is very very very very expensive. So, as much as my father would love to give him this super super super super special pill, we’re going to give him an herbal tea instead. If you ever want to, let us know and we’ll make him the super super super super special pill.”

What would you say? What would any mother say? I need to try it. The good thing – the pills will last 4-5 months. The other good thing – since we’re not doing ABR any more we can afford the pills, which are slight less than the cost of the ABR satellite.

I have a very good, strong gut feeling about this. I myself have taken Dr. Kim’s herbs and they’re magic. An ultra super extra special Dr. Kim concoction? Hmmm. This has to be good.

So, courtesy of my visa credit card, tommorrow I get to pick up the super super super special magic pills. I am curious and excited. I’ll let you guys know if/how this works!


  1. Can’t wait to hear how it goes with the super super super super pills 🙂

    I hope they help Nathan.

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