The view from here

Taken from the balcony of the apartment where we are staying:

Time for a nap!

My grandma and some of her endless parade of visitors.

My grandma (88) and her brother (84)

I don’t think I like the taste of salt water very much!

This is kinda fun though

No more salt water in my mouth, no more salt water in my mouth…

I think I’m kinda starting to like this!

(after this the camera went wonky so I couldn’t take any pics of Nathan swimming in the ocean 🙁

All that playing in the sand and ocean left me…

Carriage ride through Old Town Cartagena.

Other than my getting violently ill yesterday with vomiting and other symptoms, things have been going well. Hopefully things will be better today, as we didn’t get to do much yesterday!


  1. Yay! looks like soo much fun!!! Enjoy the time. Maxx Marcos & I are jealous:) Miss u!

  2. Wow Marce! I’m so jealous 😉 It looks like an amazing trip…I can’t wait to go too.

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