The view from here

We’re now staying at my aunt’s condo at the beach, and this is the view from here.



  1. Beautiful…Enjoy, looks like you are!!! The kids look gorgeous!!!

  2. Hola Marcela!!, tanto tiempo, los niños estan muy lindos y muy grandes, la carita de Nathan va cambiando de a poquito y Belle esta preciosa.Todos estan bellos y tu guatita como esta?, va creciendo de a poco el nene!!!. Yo he estado con mucbas cosas, de a poco saliendo a flote, Un beso grande para los niños, cariños

  3. Cute, looks like fun

  4. Wow, what a beautiful place!!! I can only imagine it being even more beautiful at sunrise/sunset. Looks like all of you are having sooo much fun!! And the kids are getting so big!

  5. Gorgeous. Belle is getting so big. I love the photos of them sleeping together, so sweet.

  6. Linda Boland says

    This is so inspiring – I bookmarked Nathan’s page a few months back. My brother Nick and his wife Traci are expecting their first baby, however they have been given the same news you had been given. We have been praying and praying since the diagnosis in February. The c-section has been scheduled for June 27, 2011. Today June 20, Traci’s blood pressure is too high. There is a very good chance that their baby boy will be here tomorrow. It is so close now and I am so scared for them. I have been praying, the whole family has been but it is still so hard now that it is almost here. We don’t know what will happen. I can’t imagine how they feel if this is how I feel. God has his plan and all will be fine but I pray their story can be similar to your story – your beautiful family. When the doctor suggested terminating the pregnancy they both felt that it was not their decision and my brother said just because he won’t be perfect doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love him. They simply could not do that. They have such faith and trust. I just found this recent news about tomorrow a bit ago – I came down and got on Nathan’s page so see what he/you are doing for people? Thank you – I will pray for your Nathan – he is a blessing!

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