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I know I’ve been slowing down on posts lately.

I find my life is different these days.

This pregnancy is taking a lot out of me and I spend much of my time exhausted and with severe nausea.

Energy has become my most valued commodity and there is precious little of it. I find myself wanting to conserve this energy as much as possible. To use it for my children and partner. For my own healing journey. To meet my commitments including my work and my clients.

At nights, what used to be my favorite time to blog, is now my “relax” time. I spend time with Owen and we talk, chill, hang out. Or I read books, or I listen to podcasts about inner healing. Or I use the cold laser on myself. Or I use my crystals to bring about further peace and healing. Or I meditate.

I love this blog and know that I will always keep it and cherish it. But today, in this season…well….it is just not a priority. I will write when I have time/desire. I will write when I want to share something. I will write if I make new discoveries.

But I have said so much already. Every time I want to write something, I remember a similar post in the past. So if you find yourself starving for “A little piece of heaven” – check out the archives! Or all the pictures and videos! There are so many pieces of heaven to go around!


  1. you have done so much to help so many people. I love going through your archives & learning. Take a rest, we will still be here:)

  2. Marcela- good for you-!!
    Take good care of yourself–

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