Thursday, July 20th

We saw Dr. Tabsh, a UCLA perinatologist and the doctor who is now handling the pregnancy and will be in charge during the delivery.

He gave us the results of some bloodwork and the amniocentesis. All the tests were negative. The fact that the amniocentesis was negative was a good sign, as it means that the baby doesn’t have chromosomal abnormalities, which slighly increases his chances of survival.

Since all the other tests were negative, they haven’t been able to establish a cause for this. They checked for different infections, like toxoplasmosis, which sometimes causes this problem, but this was not found in my blood.

The question, according to the doctor, is whether or not to induce the labor early. He is afraid that the baby’s head will swell due to water in his brain. If his head swells, then he won’t fit through the birth canal and this would force us into a c-section.

Dr. Tabsh prefers to avoid a c-section. From his point of view, the priority is the mother. Nathan’s chances of survival are so slim that the doctor doesn’t want to put me through a major surgery.

I disagreed with him. I don’t see a c-section as a major surgery, nor am I afraid to have one. So if his head swells and our only option is a c-section, so be it. On Thursday, July 27th, we will measure the size of his head, compare it to the size last week, and see if his head really is swelling at a rapid pace.

My hope is to wait for a natural delivery, I want Nathan to stay in my womb for as long as possible. The longer he is, the longer he is alive, the longer we have to pray for him.

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