They say that once you have a dog, adding another is barely noticeable. You walk them at the same time, feed them at the same time, they keep each other company and entertain each other.

Call me crazy but I thought having kids was a little bit like that.

Instead I am finding out the truth – it’s a lot more like the Richter scale. For every child, you have 10 times more work.

Add to that special needs, newborn, and high needs to single motherhood (Owen and I separated a few months ago), and watch as your day disappears between their needs.

To that, add the need for money, and there goes the rest of your day (fortunately I can work from home).

And finally, add to all that the need for sanity, which translates into a little bit of meditation, journaling, and exercise on a daily basis, and every day you end up in the red.

So for all of you to whom I owe emails, text messages, or phone calls – I am genuinely sorry, I wish I had that precious resource called time. I think I pretty much owe everyone I know something – a phone call, text or email – but I simply can’t get to everything. Please forgive me.

It’s all their fault:


  1. totally get it, girley

  2. I do not understand
    “to single motherhood (Owen and I separated a few months ago)”

    You are not a couple any more? Hopefully, that is not true.

  3. Yes! Exactly what u said!! I have NO time for anything that I used to enjoy but I also am enjoying the hell out of my kids. And we only have 2 so far :-p

  4. Cathy Jordan says

    Praying for you, girlie!! 🙂

  5. My heart breaks for you, when I read that you and Owen separated! Can’t get you off my mind, I’m sending prayers your way!

  6. Just caught up on your blog. For some reason it’s not updating me that you have new posts on my blog feed. Hmm..

    So sorry to hear about you and Owen. Sending prayers your way that it all works out the way it is meant to be.

    Oh, and the down days, yeah, I get it. I get them, too. I remember that it was harder for me after each baby – when they were a few months old some postpartum depression set in. Maybe that is what is happening a bit? Of course there is a lot on your plate, but it might be worth considering.

    As for halloween, I hear you. My photos aren’t great, either, but I think I’ll be fine with that. Maybe you could dress the kids up again another day? Mine seem to always want to dress up in their costumes for months!

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