We’re going camping this weekend. Thinking about it is making me tired.

Getting ready to spend a month in Colombia (we leave next Friday)! Thinking about it is making me tired.

We have some big decisions to make. Regarding Nathan’s education, etc. Thinking about it is making me tired.

Most times I am enthusiastic about all the plates spinning in the air, I feel joy and excitement about moving forward, doing the right thing for everyone around me. Today, I am tired. Today, it feels like too much. Today, I want to hide under the covers of my bed and read a book. Or two or three.

It’s a gentle balance, this whole “living” thing. Push too hard and you pay. I’m paying. Double time.

I’m buried in ToDo’s and sometimes I forget that life is for living, not doing.

7 more days and I will be sipping coconut water on the beach. Eating freshly fished fish. Listening to the waves as they gently splash against the sand. Haggling with the ladies who want to charge too much to massage your feet while you sit back in your lounge chair and chill.

7 more days. 168 hours. 10,080 minutes.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am also tired of packing and unpacking. Right now I should pack for Feldenkrais in Vienna. Everything super, Vienna is a very nice city, accommodation just 10 minutes by walk to the historic center, but we are away at least 1-2 weeks in a month and sometimes happens that we are off 3 weeks and each week at a different place and country. Oliver is happy, he enjoys that, less fun for me. 🙂

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