To believe or not believe – that is the question.

When we saw Dr. Kenny I brought her a long list of questions / treatments so she could test Nathan.

Honestly, I was full of ideas/expectations.  In fact I was so sure that I had gone ahead of myself and made some appointments for the coming weeks.  I set him up for Tomatis, Intensive Therapy at NAPA, Anat Baniel Method, and HBOT.  But, as often happens with Nathan, he threw me a curve ball and the results we get were VERY DIFFERENT from what I expected.

Here was my list:

Therapies for Nathan Andrew:
• HBOT in Sacramento
• HBOT in anaheim
• Tomatis Therapy at NAPA Center
• Intensive therapy at NAPA center
• Dr. Steve Nelson Asyra
• Dr. Steve Nelson Aura
• Osteopathy with Dr. Fryman
• Osteopathy with Dr. Hagobian
• Osteopathy with doctor at OCFC
• Craniosacral with Brenda
• Feldenkrais with Irina
• Anat Baniel Method with Kristi Kohn in SD
• Anat Baneil Method with practitioners in NC
• Umbilical Cord Stem Cells in China
• Bone Marrow stem cells in Germany
• Dr. West DAN protocol
• Dr. Kim – Teas
• Reike by mom
• G-therapy
• AIAHP program
• Augmentative Communication Device
• Kidwalk/Hart Walker
• Vital Stim
• Conductive education
• Mhbot
• Biofeedback / QEEG
• Yoga for the Special Child
• Preschool
• Gymboree
• Dr. Dituro’s stuff
• PlantLife bath salts
• Alaskan Essences aromatherapy
• B12 shots
• Glutathione
• VSL#3
• Dituro Probiotics
• Alaska essences drops

From this entire list, guess what he tested YES for:

Reike (by me – I recently received a Reiki attunement and can now practice reike on others)
Gymboree music class
Feldenkrais with Irina
Plantlife Bath Salts I use this during our bath before bedtime
Alaskan Essences Aromatherapy I spray this over him before bed and upon waking
B12 shots given to him by his DAN doctor
VSL#3 given to him by his DAN doctor – it’s a probiotic

And that’s it.  No stem cells, no ABR, no ABM, no Hbot or Mhbot, no AIAHP, no Tomatis.

And I have to admit, when I left there I was very confused, and I still am.  I mean, I see how Dr. Kenny has helped both of us.  I see the changes in both of us.  But how can it be true?   How can I believe that Nathan couldn’t benefit from ABR or ABM or some of the other super amazing therapies on this list?

Which is why the title of this post is – To believe or not believe?

Do I believe that muscle testing is an adequate method for determining what therapies to try?  Or do I believe that muscle testing works when determining what the body needs like B3 or B12 but not believe that it can predict what the body needs in other areas?

Now I had already decided to make ABR a daily therapy that we do no matter what.  Whether we do Hbot or whatever else we do – we always do ABR.  So many other kids are seeing such great success from it.  But I thought this was a good time, now that he is getting healthier, to add more.

But maybe this whole thing is teaching me  that more isn’t always better?

Dr. Kenny said to me several times – Nathan is perfect.  See him as perfect.  Maybe these therapies are all ways to try to get him to do things he can’t do so it’s just emotionally painful for both of us?

Also, she said that her treatment approach is to give the body the tools it needs to heal itself.  She doesn’t replace what the body needs with herbs and supplements.  The whole premise is to get the body into a state of homeostasis so it can heal by itself.

Also, there are stages of healing and timing is essential.    She told me that many of these therapies are wonderful, but if his body is not ready for them, they will not work.  So she believes that we need to follow the body’s leads to see what it can assimilate and we introduce different therapies/ideas at different times.

I am really confused and just not sure how to move ahead.

I would love some feedback!

I know every so often I post a different variation of this question, but you can imagine how hard it must be to wonder if you’re doing everything you can be doing for your child.  You hear about other programs that are helping other kids tremendously and you wonder if doing those would have similar results for your kid.  So even though we’re on a path every time we cross another street I have to look left and right and wonder if those other directions would also help.

What I was visualizing is something like this:

We do ABR no matter what else we do.  For example, I figured if we did a series of 40 Hbot treatments, we could still fit in 2-3 hours of ABR as well as giving Nathan the necessary supplements that he needs.  After the HBOT sessions, we could do 20 sessions of ABM, again, with ABR in between (2 treatments / day for 2 weeks).   Then we can stay home for a couple of weeks to just rest and assimilate, then try Tomatis with ABR in between, etc.

But now, I’m not so sure.  What do you think?  Help!


  1. Stop adding therapies!! Now that he is ok, ENJOY!!! Put some more ABR hours so he can benefit from it and see with your eyes how great it is.

    You don’t need to do EVERYTHING. Perhaps if he is so much better now, in part it could be because you slow it down a little. Stress is not good for either of you.

    I strongly believe that ABR and diet is more than enough (and Feldenkrains if you can).

  2. I agree. Stay with ABR and enjoy spending time with Nathan. You are a terrific Mom and are doing a good job.

  3. Hi Marcela,
    Did you hire the ABR machine?
    Billee has it on her overnight and also when she sleeps in the day.
    I’m not sure what exercises you have for nathan but with 2 of Billee’s (jaw and shoulder) the machine can be used at the same time.
    We are getting in any where between 9 – 14 hours per day/night extra ABR.
    I would def recommend you get it at your next clinic if you haven’t already.
    I would concentrate on ABR firstly over any other physical therapy and use ABM/Feldekrais as an add on.

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