To go or not to go

Isabelle has the croup. And Nathan looks like he’s not far behind. And I am wondering – is it crazy to think of taking them to New York in a couple of days? Belle’s doctor told me to bring her back tomorrow and she’ll let me know what she thinks. But that’s sure cutting it close!

I sure feel bad for the little munchkins…they’re both pretty miserable right now. Isabelle is much sicker than Nathan, and has been running fevers and has this awful barky cough. But I am giving them my version of a homeopathic therapy and hoping that they get better quickly (like, now!).

In the meantime, we got a call that Nathan’s braces are ready but we have to get them before the 11th of November…so tomorrow we have to head down to San Diego to pick up the braces….that’s 2.5 hours each way. Ouch. And we still haven’t packed. In case we go. Never a dull day!


  1. Sally Fraley says

    let me know the decision to go or not???

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