…was a hard day. I’m tired beyond words. 1.5 months of very little sleep and on-demand feeding and nurturing is really wearing me out. I’ve had a terrible eye infection for a week now, and awful migraines. Today’s migraine was awful. I’m worn out.

Nathan has been a whiney mess lately. Is he jealous? Is he teething? He is a bit congested – is he feeling ill? I have no idea and he has no way to tell me. If I weren’t worn out I’d deal, but whining and worn out are a bad combination.

Belle’s been a handful lately. Have I spoiled her rotten already? She’ simpossible to put down. She’s mostly happy in someone’s arms, screechy anywhere else, including swings and cribs and bouncers. Her digestive system is a mess. She is allergic to dairy, eggs and brown rice. And I am allergic to gluten and dairy. If I eat any of these things, she gets the most horrible, horrible, horrible diaper rash. And I mean skin red, swollen and cracked diaper rash. And she gets horribly gas and spits up. So I have to keep her upright after she eats, and then try to burp her which takes forever, and then by the time she finally burps she also poops and then she’s hungry again and it all starts all over again.

And even with all that I’ve been happy…except today…because I’m worn out..and I want to fly fly away to an island where no one takes anything from me, where I don’t feel like ripe fruit ready for the picking…

I’m worn out.


  1. You know this, but it gets better quickly. They start eating solid food, they start sleeping through the night. It will happen. And pump a bottle and let someone else do it if you need a break!

  2. I agree with Katy it does get better quickly. You should start pumping! I felt like a cow but it gives you a big break when you need it. If you are having no problems breast feeding it should be easy for you. I got a pump at Babies R Us that was cheaper and worked better than the expensive model! Christopher took to the bottle right away.

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