Today is the day!

Today is the day! We will pick the winner for our XBOX with Kinect! We are so excited! You can submit entries all the way up until 5pm PST, when we will be doing the live stream. If anyone wants to watch as we pick a winner LIVE online here’s what you do:

Go to this URL:

UN: guest
PW: guest

IMPORTANT: Use Internet Explorer to log in. I can’t get the audio to work on Firefox.

Where it says “Stream Profile” on the top left, change it to Mpeg 4. This will allow you to hear the sound.

If you can’t hear the audio, scroll down, and you will see that it asks you to download a component. Download it (sometimes you have to download 2 different things), and once they’re both installed (it’ll do it automatically) you should be able to hear the sound.

I have all of the entries catalogued and I have to say this contest/giveaway has been a fabulous success for us. We got SO MANY amazing ideas! I’ve already added in a few pages and Nathan’s been having so much fun.

I have so much hope now! Hearing everyone’s suggestions and how other people have used their communication devices makes me feel confident that we can use this tool to give Nathan a voice.

So although there will only be one XBOX winner, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who participaetd. You are all winners – you have helped Nathan, and other children, gain a voice! THANK YOU!


  1. Sally Fraley says

    🙂 🙂 :)!

  2. I don’t have time to read through all the suggestions you got but when I was making stuff the other day I was thinking what if you put like, Water, Eggs, Sugar, Oil, Mix, stuff like into the Dyno if your baking something. Ryland loves to watch the Mixer. You could include him in baking or cooking.

  3. Eugene Watson says

    good luck everyone

  4. Sitting here watching Vera mess with Ryland, I can just tell she is annoying him and if he had a Dyno I can just see him saying, “Get away”, “Leave Me along”, “Stop Crawling Over Me” and “Get you own Toys”
    I think that will be some of first things we program into it, if he gets one, should know soon if Ins is going to.

  5. Posted on Facebook again, HoPE you get some more people suggestions or maybe just to watch Nathan. Heck I’m happy to see Nathan, he always brings a smile to my face. I know Ryland will have fun watching it.

  6. beautiful eyes!! tried to watch online….. couldn’t get on, you must have had lot’s of people already there!

  7. ok, who won?? who won? ? I’m not a patient wait person! 🙂

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