…was just another lazy Sunday. I stayed off my PC until now (wohoo!) slept in (thanks Owen!) and watched a lot of Heroes. Picked up toilet paper and a little heater for the igloo (otherwise known as my house) and made pancakes for dinner for Nathan (but Belle and I snuck out for Pad-see-ew at the local thai restaurant).


  1. I just found out that my unborn baby has Holoprosencephaly. I am so scared, I am 20 weeks a long she’s in a low bar stage. From what they tell me… there is no hope.
    I did start getting a few tests done just to look for that glimmer of light. I am only 27 years old, newly wed and this would be our first child. I know it was nothing we did wrong, there is nothing we could have changed but, it still hurts.
    We found all this out yesterday. I am just scared that I’ll never get to see my baby girl.

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