Today’s appointment with Dr. Kenny

It’s been about 6 months since we started seeing Dr. Kenny. I have to say that was one of the best decisions we have made regarding Nathan. He is so healthy these days and I can see the vitality in his face, in his energy, in his attitude and actions. I am so grateful to have found her.

This is what we found today:

Biological energy: 970 / 1000
Physical energy: 996 / 1000
Vital energy: 1000

Meaning: He is in great physical and emotional health! The first time we saw her he was at 4, 8, and 200, so you can see how much he has progressed. She explained to us that now that his body is at optimum levels of energy, it will be much easier for his brain to create new pathways and for him to improve developmentally.

Which reminds me…today, he blew me away! He played in his wingbo for about 20 minutes and HELD UP HIS HEAD THE WHOLE TIME! Usually he fatigues after 30 seconds or so. Today, he just held it and held it and held it! I was so excited!

Going back to the appointment. This is his latest list of supplements:

Before Breakfast
Phospholipids 1 tsp
Musk 1 tsp

Breakfast Smoothie
Combocillus 2 caps
Niacin 1 cap
Spleen 1 cap
Min Chex 1 cap
Vitamin E 1 pill
Q. Nerve 1 cap
Advanced Brain 1 cap
Rutavite 2caps
EyeQ 2 caps
CoQ10 1 cap
5htp 1 cap
Manuks Honey 1 baby Spoon
Chinese tea ½ pack

Breakfast drops
B6 8 drops
European Walnut 2 drops
Fig Tree 5 drops

45 minutes after breakfast
Gtherapy 3 balls
Cat claw 2 drops on heart

Morning Snack
Spleen 1 cap
Min Chex 1 cap
Fig Tree 5 drops
IH formula 1 Tsp

Neurolink 2 cap
Prevacid 1 tab

Before Bed
GTherapy 3 balls

I’ve talked to a couple of parents about how to get supplements into their kids. I figured I’d share what we’ve settled into doing.

First thing in the morning, before he has anything in his stomach, I give him the musk and the phospholipids. They are disgusting so if he throws up, none of his food will come up. Then I give him a couple of spoonfulls of his breakfast so he can chase it with something yummy.

Then I add a tablespoon of something liquidy (in our case, coconut non-dairy kefir) into a container. Then I mix all of the supplements in together. I combine everything that comes in capsules, crush the pills, EVERYTHING – and mix it together. Then it comes out to about 4 or 5 spoonfuls. I lean his wheelchair way back so he can’t spit it out, and then get it all into him. Afterwards, he is free to enjoy breakfast.

This is the first time in almost a year that we are being able to get all of his supplements into him every day – and it’s working really well for him. I see the positive impact that it’s all having!

We also talked about Nathan’s current program. She muscle tested him for the therapies that he is doing and helped us prioritize. Here’s what came up:

1 Rolfing – YES
2 Reike by mom – YES
3 Listening therapy – YES
4 Yoga for the Special Child with Catherine – YES
4 BodyTalk Access – YES
4 BodyTalk System – YES
5 Oil wraps – YES
6 Osteopathy with Dr. Brousseau – YES

These are all YESes, but are lower in priority, and we can fit them in if/when we can.

• Craniosacral with Brenda – YES
• Dr. Kim’s teas – YES
• G-therapy – YES
• Kidwalk/Hart Walker – practice walking – YES
• Mhbot for naps – YES

These are the NO’s for now. These may change later, but for now, Nathan doesn’t need them.

• Biofeedback with Dr. McDonald – NO
• Oil baths – NO
• Conductive education – NO
• Augmentative Communication Device Dynavox with Eyemax – NO
• Umbilical Cord Stem Cells in China – NO
• Nathan’s DAN doctor – NO
• Yoga for the Special Child at home – NO
• Hippotherapy – NO

I was impressed to see that it was very close to the ideas/intuitions I had.

Finally, she told us to avoid giving him dairy, gluten, corn, white rice, and eggs.

I was very pleased with the appointment and wanted to share!


  1. Congrats on a healthy Nathan! You must be so pleased. It seems like you are on the right path, so keep on going!

    I do have to say that I was surprised that the Dynavox got a no – previous posts made me think Nathan was doing so well with communicating with the Dynavox. Since we’re looking at ACC with Emma, I’m wondering if you found something with the Dynavox you don’t like. If so, please email me 🙂


  2. Hi Kristina, thanks! We are really excited!

    The problem with the Dynavox is that it’s pretty stressful for Nathan. It’s all tied in with the funding etc. In order for insurance and the state to pay, he has to be able to choose between at least 6 boxes. But he has to prove accuracy. To teach him accuracy we have to back him down to 2 boxes. But 2 boxes is silly for him now as he can do that with his eye gaze. So it becomes a very frustrating experience for him.

    Additionally, we are trying to keep him away from screens and computers for a little while so it might be that his body is picking up with this energy.

    I think it is something that we will definitely come back to – just not yet. Especially as we’re getting ready to leave the country.

    I definitely recommend you checking it out with Emma! I think it’s a great system, it’s just all in the timing.

  3. Marcela,
    What an interesting science. I would like to find a Dr. Kenny in the New York area. How can I do that? Did MEDEK come up YES?

    Congratulations on Nathan being so healthy and holding his head up so well!

  4. Hey there! Sounds like you guys are doing great. I was wondering if sometime you’d do a post (or remind me if you already have) on Nathan’s diet. I am trying to do dairy free for Fletcher, but give him eggs every morning. I saw that Dr. Kenny recommended against giving Nathan eggs… do you think it is because of an intolerance of Nathan’s specifically, or does she generally advise against eating eggs?

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