Today’s Update

My boys, safely and happily at home for the night. They came home a day early because Owen has to take care of work stuff. I was thrilled to see them. Nathan was beaming with happiness and I can tell how much he thrived from spending these last 4 days with his dad.

Life is good.

PS. 14 dives down, 26 to go!


  1. What a great picture of the boyz!! They are both absolutely beaming!! You must be very proud of Nathan for all his hard work mommy:)

  2. What a great picture! Your boys look so happy. Charlie also really benefits from Daddy time.

  3. Fabulous news!
    The pic sure is sweet.

    How did the appoint. about Belle go this week? Any other results from her test?

    Also, we can’t come to Mexico for the cells. Dr. Rader is only giving the new cell in the DR. Bummer!
    Hugs – W

  4. What a gorgeous photo!

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