I have a feeling this post is going to become a classic. Well done Katy!

All I ask…

If you read my blog and don’t have a child with a disability, you might have, at some point, wondered if there was something you could do for me. Or for other parents like me, who not only raise children, but double as nurses, therapists, teachers, and advocates. Personally, I have an incredibly hard time asking for help or even accepting help that shows up on my doorstep. I feel weak, rude, or like I’m taking resources away from someone who needs them more than I do.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t want something from others, though. Because I do, and today I’m going to answer that age-old platitude: “if there’s anything I can do.”

So here it is:

Try to look people with disabilities in the eye.

If you meet a child with a disability, speak directly to them. A parent or guardian will let you know if they aren’t capable of understanding or responding.

Head on over to Katy’s site and keep reading, it gets better!


  1. Thank you so much, Marcela! I appreciate the kind words more than you know.

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