If you’ve never heard of traumeel, well, it’s about time that changed. Traumeel is probably one of the most important weapons in my health arsenal.

It is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory ointment that can be used to reduce swelling and inflammation, for falls and bruises, for general aches and pains.

I keep a container of it with me at all times for when Isabelle falls. I used it when my wrist was hurting from typing too much. I even used it when I had a rash on my skin. It is marvelous.

And it WORKS. Amazingly well. Instant relief from pain. Oh – and I LATHERED it on after Belle’s birth, on the C-section scar. It was miraculous. I don’t know how I could’ve coped with the pain without Traumeel.

I usually get it at Whole Foods but you can order it online or from Amazon.


  1. Love the stuff!!! Works wonders!!!

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