UCLA intervention program

We are SOO excited. Today we took Nathan to UCLA to have him evaluated for their early intervention program.

Of course the therapists fell in love with him, and he loved it as he was the center of attention for all of us.

I was thrilled at what I saw. They seem extremely knowledgeable and have all sorts of equipment and ideas on how to maximize his potential. They commented on how aware and smart he is, and the fact that the main problem is the connection between his brain and his body. He knows what he wants to do but his body doesn’t cooperate. So they were talking about finding ways of helping him experience lots of things to stimulate his cognitive growth while training to improve his movement problems.

All in all it was very positive and I left in tears feeling that we’d found the right place /program for him. Unfortunately we have to give up having Nate’s child development specialist Dena coming to our house, which I am bummed about as she is wonderful. But it was the only way to get the funding through Regional Center.

We are going to take him there twice a week and they are going to do a little bit of PT, OT, child development, music stimulation, aquatic therapy, and anything else that they have available. They have lots of equipment too and are going to give us advice on what equipmen to buy, positioning, helping him improving his oral skills, etc.

I will post photos next time we go.

Here are some pictures of the last few days. We went camping last weekend but I forgot the camera. So sorry no pics. But he enjoyed being outdoors a LOT and didn’t mind sleeping in a tent with Lucas and Lola and mom and dad. What a trooper.

At the circus

sad clown

At the audiologists office. They said he may have some hearing loss but it’s hard to determine as he still has an ear infection.

new feeding chair

practicing crawling!


  1. You know Nathan is doing very well! I think alot of Brandons problems with head control, crawling is that he has a small cerebellum and they say that is alot of your standing sitting etc. So we will see. Nathan is really up there crawiling. I bet a day with you and Brandon would be doing alot of stuff as well. I miss you we dont get to talk much. I sent you some stuff on stemcell research I thought you might find neat. How is your grandma. Just been worried about you please write soon.

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