Update 3-14-09

We’ve had a lovely last few days. Today we took all 3 dogs for a hike and of course they loved it. Below are a couple of videos of our hike. Nathan really enjoys the outdoors and especially he enjoys when we’re all together.

After our hike we went around town for a bit and then saw the new Disney movie, Race to Witch Mountain. It was cute – Nathan enjoyed it.

Last week Nathan went to NapaCenter 3 days for 2 hours of therapy and 1.5 hours of Tomatis therapy. He tolerated it really well! He didn’t cry AT ALL during his time with the therapists. I was SO impressed. He seemed to have fun while working on both therapies. We’ve noticed this week his head control is better; he seems stronger. The key is that he is HAPPY, even while working hard.

This week we managed to get TONS done – most of our ABR, 3 sessions at NAPAcenter, PT/OT every morning, he went to preschool, he went to developmental therapy. It was a super busy week but we gave him plenty of time to rest in between everything and of course he got lots of good food to fuel him along.

Anyways, just wanted to write a chatty update to our week. And the best part – tommorrow we’re going to Disney!


  1. DISNEY!?!?!? I’m so jelous!!!!!!! Have a WONDERFULL day, remember you do have some benefits because of Nathan.

    I’ll be waiting for those pictures!!!

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