Update 3-15-09

Today was a really quiet day. We were planning on going to Disney in the afternoon but I woke up feeling drained and exhausted.

Nathan and I went to the Farmer’s market and enjoyed walking around. We ran into a family of a child with Apert’s syndrome, and I went up and talked to them a little and connected. I still don’t know any families locally of disabled children so it was nice to touch base and connect. Her daughter is physically very able but has mostly medical issues. Yet it’s a similar journey and I enjoyed meeting them.

Right after we sat down to eat a snack and another mom started talking to me. This is rare as most people generally avoid us. She was super sweet and it turns out she is a trained Waldorf teacher. This is an education modality that I have been looking into for quite some time. In fact tommorrow I have an appointment with a lady who is also a Waldorf teacher who is part of my Women’s Worth class. She’s meant to help me figure out the best way to teach Nathan. So it was an interested set of coincidences. She runs a mommy and me program locally so we’re gonna connect with her in the future.

Her son is just a month older than Nathan and is the cutest little boy ever. I have to admit I had one of those pangs. He was talking away, asking her all kinds of questions, I was amazed at the types of things he was talking about – I didn’t think 2.5 year olds could talk like that.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Nathan will be going to Napa every day this week. We have the augmentative communication conference at CSUN. We have an appointment with Dr. Kenny.

Unfortunately the BodyTalk course that I was supposed to go to today was cancelled so I still have to figure out where to go to learn about BodyTalk.

Anyways, it was a nice, restful day in preparation of a very busy week!

Till tommorrow!


  1. Hi! This is a belated response to thank you for the WEALTH of information you always give. I am going to get flax seed this weekend! And maybe the bath salts, although I never get a chance to take baths!

  2. Ellen, try the bath salts, I promise you, you will LOVE THEM, and you will totally look forward to those baths. I bet both kids would also love bathing with the bath salts. I never used to take baths – and I mean NEVER – until I tried them – I was hooked. Now I take baths every day.

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